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By bringing the best qualities of the liberal arts into public school systems, Bard improves college readiness, access, affordability, and completion rates for young people across the country.

Students working on a project together

The Bard Early Colleges are a network of schools and programs whose mission is to provide adolescents with a rigorous, credit-bearing, tuition-free college course of study in the liberal arts and sciences following the 9th and 10th grades. Our students receive up to 60 college credits and an associate in arts (A.A.) degree from Bard College, concurrently with a high school diploma. As satellite campuses of Bard College, an independent, nonprofit college of the liberal arts and sciences in New York’s Hudson Valley, the Bard Early Colleges partner with public school districts across the country to provide a high-quality college education to younger students, tuition-free.

I kept thinking, ‘What if I’m wrong?’ But then my professors and the overall environment made me realize that when it comes to certain things, like philosophy, there is no ‘right answer’…The importance is in discussing and figuring out how to get to an answer.

-Jahsol Drummond,
Year One (Baltimore)

Taught by experienced college faculty in rigorous and engaging undergraduate seminars, Bard Early College students are immersed in serious college undergraduate work while still having access to the resources and supports of a high school setting.